Export Time: Individual Business Meetings

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Servizi Confindustria Bergamo, in cooperation with the partners in its international network, proposes individual meetings to support companies with international business assistance, in order to provide an initial support free of charge and to direct companies towards an internationalisation process aimed at expanding business in foreign countries through the export of products and/or services.

All meetings will be held by our experienced legal partners, who will be available for case-related issues.


The individual meeting is free of charge, in Italian (in some cases in English) and involves no obligation on the part of the company.
Registrations for one or more sessions can be made by filling out the form.


Markets for which individual meetings may be requested:
Spain and Portugal Brazil and Central America
France US and Canada
Germany North Africa countries, Marocco and Tunisia
Holland United Kingdom
Eastern Europe Russia
Scandinavian countries Asia
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