Temporary Export Manager (TEM)

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A dedicated professional who oversees the business activity in order to develop or consolidate sales in foreign markets.

Who is the TEM?

The TEM is an outsourcing professional whose skills are essential to starting up the internationalisation process of your company, aimed at expanding business in foreign countries by exporting products and/or services.


What does he or she do and what benefits can they bring to your company?

The Temporary Export Manager (TEM) becomes a key figure when a company wants to expand to increase its foreign turnover, enter new markets in which it is not already present, ensure having language support for intermediation in foreign countries or steer the sales team to strengthen the supply chain.

He or she performs strategic, operational and specialised activities that follow through all the phases of the export process: from analysing products and competitors and studying target markets, coordinating the sales network and the implementation of internationalisation activities, to defining your product offer for the market and negotiation.


Why should you rely on one of our experts?

Very often those who try to internationalise their businesses without the aid of an expert run into what is known as the “Liabilities of Foreignness”, the disadvantage of being a foreigner, obstructed by linguistic and bureaucratic barriers that are difficult to overcome on their own and can jeopardise the success of the expansion operation.

Our professionals in internationalisation have consolidated many years of experience working with a solid network of foreign partners - reliable, secure and located in the various areas of intervention - in order to guarantee comprehensive assistance at all stages of development, immediate efficiency in terms of results and the abatement of barriers to entry.


Would you like to put us to the test?

Contact us with no obligation to have a look at all our services! Our dedicated contact people will accompany you through every stage of the process, whether you are just getting started or already up and running.

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